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We are not the typical business consultancy, we decided to add a refreshing twist to our service... and you might find us a little direct!
Adding valuable experience

How much juice can you extract from a lime? With a twist, plenty… Taking a difficult situation and bringing clarity is where we shine. Our combined consulting experience adds depth to your existing team.

Global Networking Strengths

Finding the right ingredients is not always easy. Our Global Networking combined with years of working in Europe, North America and around the world puts us in a position to connect the dots for you.

Connecting you to the right partners

We have probably seen it before. Our experience shows us that time and again the same mistakes are made. What your balance sheet and share cap table look like now can seriously impede your ability to attract investors. That is why we have a sharp reputation with investors too… we know what we are talking about.

Senior level management experience

Corporate Governance is a missing element in many opportunities we are asked to look at. Your ability to grow can be impeded by not structuring correctly. This is truly where wisdom meets enthusiasm.


Our value comes in the many facets and strengths our team brings to your table
"Relevant strategic advice has more value than a fancy report" - Andre Voskuil

Bringing together the right team at the right time is critical to the success of any business. There is an appropriate time to contract the business consulting services of Dutch Oracle and we won't beat around the bush convincing you of our involvement at anything other than the appropriate time. You probably have already seen success with your innovation, you may even have an order book and while you are not fully capitalized you know the importance of getting the right advice at the right time. You understand the importance of making the right investment to the get the correct results. If you believe you are at this point in your genesis, then we should talk.

  • Business Developer Experience

    Whether it is start ups, stalled opportunities or simply a vision, our team has the depth of experience you need to launch your business on a global scale. Our connections to Fund Managers and Family Offices can accelerate the growth curve. Almost 80% of our times is focussed on business developer consulting.

  • Diversity

    100% of businesses we see (and we see a lot!) do not have the diverse skill set on their team to allow the growth that investors are looking for. Our core team and venture partners have vast experience geographically and operationally. Oil and Gas, Tourism, Technology, Green Energy and Emerging opportunities pander to our existing strengths. We are no strangers to innovation.

  • Foundational Principles

    No building, business or relationship can be built on a weak foundation. Whether it is contract management, operational deficiencies or share structures, our team can recognise mistakes before you even make them. 75% of business fail because of a poor foundation

  • We don't live in a box

    Every entrepreneur is an innovator. Our belief is we need to be outside of the box at least 50% of the time. We specialize in staying current on marketing, communication and financing tactics. Our goal is to assist you in rapid growth. Our analysis will include opportunities that you likely have not spent any time considering.


We like to think of it as our team, but in reality this is "your team"...
Andre Voskuil
Born in the Netherlands, mentored by one of the best commodity traders, he made a name for himself in Europe’s financial industry. He managed a portfolio of over half a billion dollars for high profile clients before the age of 30.
Mark Jennings-Bates
Self employed before he was a teenager and accepted as the youngest Fellow of the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management. His diverse skill set is an asset to any business. He combines business with a passion for adventure activities.


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