At Dutch Oracle our goal is to provide our corporate venture clients with the best tools and strategies to allow them to develop a winning plan when it comes to their alternative investment strategies.

Because we work in the investment market place we often are asked to finance companies. While we run due diligence on behalf of our Inner Circle clients and advise them on appropriate investments, brokering capital rounds for clients is not our forté.

We have however been working very hard to address that weakness in the market, finding contributing capital, and we now have the answer.

In recent months we have partnered up with one of the world’s leading cloud based market places for high end family offices and high net worth investors. We have been piloting ideas and packaging a solution for our clients who otherwise fall through a very large crack.

In the next ten days we will be rolling out our “Dutch Oracle Deal Vault”. It will be a portal where you can upload your own business plan or expansion plan and expose it to a host of sophisticated investors. We are thrilled to bring this to market and we already know it will be a huge success because of the feedback we have been getting in our trials.

Once you have subscribed you will have your own personal “deal room” that you manage. As part of the package we are going to give you some tips and advice and you will also be able to access our “Dutch Oracle Forum” where you can network with other like minded individuals and ask for the occasional wisdom from André Voskuil who will be dropping in from time to time to answer some of your important questions.

We are very excited to unveil this platform to you in the next few days… stay tuned! And of course, we will have first dips on the best of the best investment opportunities for our own account and Inner Circle investor clients.

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