A rising tide floats all boats, right? Well, apparently not, and you may be someone who feels like you always missed the boat with your investments. Perhaps you were in too late, out too early, or never in at all.

What is the secret?

There is no secret other than that timing of an investment takes a lot of hard work, let alone finding the right opportunity in the first place.

The fundamental risk versus reward curve is almost always the same on the life cycle of any business; the earlier you are in, the greater potential reward, along with the higher risk.

The problem is knowing early enough that an entrepreneur is looking for money.

At DutchOracle, our global “deal room” allows us to evaluate opportunities from around the world and run our exhaustive due diligence program to see if the project matches our “screen”.

Our screen comprises of a set of criteria designed to ensure a proposal meets our fundamental requirements before we roll up our sleeves and start talking to the promoters of the opportunity.

When we talk to potential clients we find their problem is often not having a pipeline of quality deals, which means by the time they hear about a project it may be too late on the investment cycle for them to invest.

Different investors and institutions want to look at providing financing at different strategic points in the growth of a company. At Dutch Oracle we favour being quite early on the curve but only when certain critical areas have been researched, analysed and the correct organsiational support is in place. The second important element we want in place is to know ahead of time when we get out?

This definitive criteria is what makes our “Inner Circle” clients come back year after year.  They like to ensure that we increase the number of quality opportunities to select from and assist them in getting on the boat.

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