Business Consultants

Why use business consultants?

Business consultants can give you a view from 20,000′ – a view that you have a difficult time seeing. You have created a good business, product or system opportunity and you have the attention of some early stage investors. From this point forward your performance comes under a microscope not just from your existing partners.

A critical eye is focussed on many aspects of your business by a business consultant. It may be a priority that was not on your radar screen. Put a step wrong now and you could be facing a number of serious problems in the not too distant future. You likely won’t even recognize where the mistake was made.

We are not academic business consultants. The team at Dutch Oracle has been and is still in the position you find yourself in today as we work alongside investors, CEO’s and high level execs to define and refine a proposition. It doesn’t mean we don’t have an education.

For you, it is important to know that someone has your back. You have no need of a theoretical study. This is all about business. Our team will be looking forward with you, painting a picture of where you want to go. Then analysing todays “state of the environment” to help you put your focus where it is needed the most.

The value proposition we offer is a risk to us and allows the client to test drive our services with a very high commitment level from us. Some contracts will move into a longer term engagement others will cease after three months. At the end of the day we are only interested in ensuring we deliver value to our clients at a strategic level.


What are the benefits of our “MindShift” consulting program

For a start, it is short term. We believe firmly that in three meetings we can impact your world enough for you to find value in our service.

The benefits for you during and after our engagement include:

  • A clearer of understanding of what is important to execute a roll out strategy
  • A firmer grasp on corporate value with benchmarks for increasing shareholder value
  • A value proposition that speaks to a professional investor more clearly
  • Protection in well thought out contracts and carefully executed agreements
  • Insurance, knowing that your governance structure is there to guide, assist and to a certain extent, protect you.
  • A data room presentation that professionally exposes your opportunity to family offices and HNW investors around the globe

Why would we agree to an engagement for a small fee

At DutchOracle, as business consultants, we have a long term vision, just as you should. We are prepared to risk giving away information at the beginning because frankly, we want to get to know you. We want to get to know your leadership team, understand the opportunity. We want to make an educated decision about the long term value we may be able to add to your organization if after the three month engagement we both agree to even having the conversation.

business consultantsIs there a hook?

No. We are offering a three month “unhooked and discounted” contract to allow us to get to know you better and give you strategic advice that will assist you where you are today.

What is in it for you?

The MindShift consulting program is a three month contract at a rate of $1,500 US per month.

For that fee you will receive:

  • Two hours coaching time with one of our team members on the phone, skype or webinar per month.
  • Attendance by one of our team members each month at your most critical monthly meeting. Either digitally, by phone or in person with expenses covered per month
  • A structured document package for upload to our Dutch Oracle data room at the end of the consulting engagement which will allow seasoned and professional investors to look at your deck.

Take a look at our testimonials section and see what others have said about our short term impact on their business.

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