Improving Shareholder Value

improving shareholder valueImproving Shareholder Value often requires a pivotal shift in thinking


Improving Shareholder Value should be one of the most important tasks for any entrepreneur or CEO. Time and again however, we discover that a CEO can be challenged by conflicting internal interests. Whether a Board of Directors is protecting their own personal investments, clients are fighting the business model or financiers are pushing for cash flow, the answers are often close at hand.

Strategies to Improving Shareholder Value are often clearly visible but outside of the periphery of the CEO’s vision. That is one reason we refer to ourselves as tacticians.

Just like a racing sailboat, the skipper or CEO is at the helm in control of the destination. The path to the destination is exactly what the tactician specialises in.

A small gust of wind that is off the skippers charted course can be the difference between success and failure. Lets face it, the quicker a company can execute on a strategy of improving shareholder value, the more confident future investors and potential VC’s become in visioning their return.

While the tactician may give advice to tack slightly and move off the direct course it will be because the path to the finish line is quicker and guaranteed.

In the same manner, Andre Voskuil and the team at Dutch Oracle will sit down, analyse your path and help you understand the alternative routes to your destination.

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