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Andre Voskuil – Founder and Shareholder Value expert

Born in the Netherlands, mentored by one of the world’s best commodity traders, Andre Voskuil made a name for himself in Europe’s financial industry. Known as an expert tactician in creating shareholder value, Andre’s past endeavours have supported his current focus with a pedigree background in portfolio management.

He managed a portfolio of over half a billion dollars for celebrities and high profile clients before reaching the age of 30. His professional career has spanned from institutional investments to senior executive positions in both public and private companies.

Andre is known as the “Dutch Oracle” for making accurate predictions in the markets and his uncanny ability to analyze companies and businesses. His focus as an enterprise tactician is on Shareholder value as he crafts direction for CEO’s leading to increased value and a path to success. Among some of his foresights are publicly calling the 2008 debt crisis and the unprecedented rise of gold and oil. Business leaders and investors around the world consult with Andre to receive his independent expert analysis and practical advice.

Andre is passionate about helping investors and entrepreneurs to preserve and grow their wealth. He works with a select group of quality clients to help them manage their investments and businesses and acts as their trusted advisor and personal confidante. His style is professional, unique and brutally honest, yet, compassionate. “I have worked with thousands of professional investors from all over the world. Andre’s ability to analyze investments is in a class of its own. You want him on your team” says Rob Plukker, senior executive manager with institutional market leader Reuters.

Many clients see Andre as a tactician akin to an America’s Cup scenario. “He is the crucial set of eyes that can advise the CEO on a different path to the same point. He avoids distraction and draws a line from where they are today to increased shareholders value which is every CEO’s principal task” said Mark Jennings-Bates, Voskuil’s business partner.

“It is my goal to assist both professional and individual investors master the markets and make more money. I actively analyze and investing for our closed private company DutchOracle Capital. Nobody has a crystal ball, but with smart work and a good network of people around you can make excellent returns. That’s my passion and I love to share that!”

Specialties:Public and Private funding, risk management, derivates and Options, Renegade Investment Strategy, 2A4 Problem Solving, Investment Analysis, Financial restructuring, people, contracts and Joint Ventures.



MJB headshotMark Jennings-Bates – Partner

Born in the UK, and self employed since the early age of eleven, Mark has lived his life as an entrepreneur.

After starting business in the UK he emigrated to Canada with his wife and started acquiring or starting businesses. His experience as an entrepreneur has put him in control of small enterprises as well as an active participant in the board rooms and executive management teams of larger corporations.

He was accepted as the youngest Fellow of the prestigious Institute of Sales and Marketing management in the UK and his skill in both sales and marketing has assisted him in ventures across many business sectors including:

Printing, Real Estate Consulting and Development, Food and Beverage, Tourism, Fractional Yachting, Green Energy Utilities and Venture Capital and Keynote Speaking

Mark plays a similar role to Andre Voskuil but on smaller enterprises. Mark helps early stage entrepreners to chart a course to solid shareholder value gains that allow expansion of their individual opportunities.

Mark uses his skills outside of the world of commerce. Recently, as a vehicle for marketing a charity Mark founded with his wife (www.RallyLife.org), he has been planning, organizing and conducting adventure activities, driving substantial media attention to his charity. On a recent world record paramotor expedition in Australia, Mark and his team garnered approximately half a billion media impressions throughout the duration of the expedition.

His accolades include:

  • Summited two 20,000 foot mountains
  • Completed half ironman triathlon
  • Entered Guatemala 100km UltraMarathon
  • Led a team to a successful Guinness World Record on an 8,500km paramotor expedition
  • Participated in a large scale Guinness World Record to fly a paraglider from the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro
  • Driver for the Bowler Offroad Dakar Team
  • Expedition Pilot for Parajet in the UK
  • Two Times Western Canada Rally Champion
  • Raced motorbikes in South Africa and the Sahara
  • Lieutenant for the Canadian Armed Forces (PRes)

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